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Steering Gears and Pumps

We are in the process of reviewing and updating our prices and our catalog. Changes will be posted online as soon as possible and a new PDF version of the catalog will be available soon.

Steering Gears

Steering gear

We completely rebuild the steering gears for the older Jaguars. We replace all worn parts and repaint the unit. We test each gear for leaks and operation before we send it out.


Application Rebuilt Price Core Charge
XK 120, Mark 5, Mark 7 620.00 Customer's core only
Mark 1, Mark 2, and similar manual 500.00 200.00
Mark 2, 9, 3.8 Mark 10, power assist, aluminum case 730.00 300.00
Mark 2, 3.8S, and similar Hale-type cast iron, power assist 840.00 400.00
420, 4.2 Mark 10, 420G 840.00 Customer's core only
XK 140, XK 150, XKE manual rack and pinion 730.00 Customer's core only
XKE power rack and pinion, Series 2 & 3, 900.00 Customer's core only
XJ power rack and pinion, all 680.00 250.00

Power Steering Pumps

Application Rebuilt Price Core Charge
All except E-Type                                                                280.00 100.00
E-Type 320.00 395.00