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Cooling Parts

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Water Pumps

Application Rebuilt Price Core Charge
XK 120, Mark 7 and all early greaseable types 450.00 175.00
XK 140, 150, Mark 1, 8, 9, 10, 3.8 XKE, 4.2 XKE 180.00 125.00
All other 6-cylinder 150.00 50.00
V-12 early (Series 3 XKE) 300.00 200.00
V-12 later 220.00 60.00


Most old Jag radiators can be repaired or re-cored. We have a good local shop that does this for us. Inquire for pricing.

Heater Cores

Heater cores are not throw away items. Most can be repaired. We repair, clean, and flow check your heater core. Inquire for pricing.