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C-Type Replica Progress Update

Posted on 16 September 2011C-Type Replica in progress by Vintage Jag Works

Our C-Type Replica #6 is on its way to the Colorado English Motoring Conclave in Arvada, Colorado today. We have made substantial progress in the last few months and we have the car rigged so it can be driven on and off the trailer and around the parking lot.

Items that we have completed recently are mounting the carbon fiber body panels, fabricating and installing all of the aluminum panels, making the transmission tunnel cover, covering and installing the seats, installing the louver panels in the bonnet, installing the windscreen and a myriad of small details.

The next step is to install the wiring harness and dash and hook up all the electrical items.

Interior fender panels on C-Type
Interior fender panels going in.
Transmission tunnel on C-Type
Transmission tunnel installed
Firewall and engine compartment on C-Type
Firewall mounted
Louver panels installed in bonnet
Louver panels installed in bonnet
Front view of C-Type Replica by Vintage Jag Works
Looking fierce!
Rear view of C-Type Replica by Vintage Jag Works
Ready to drive on the trailer