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1964 XKE 6-Speed Transmission Project

Oversize wheels and tires fitted to the car.

Our customer bought this car from someone who had installed a Ford Falcon engine and automatic transmission in the car. He wanted to install a Jaguar engine with a 6-speed transmission in the car and make some other modifications to make the car responsive and comfortable to drive.

We bored a 3.8 liter Jaguar engine out to 4.0 liters and installed Veolia pistons, Isky cams and Series 3 XJ-6 valves. We also installed a Crane 6000 ignition with custom MSD spark plug wires and a Mallory dual-point distributor. We installed a custom air cleaner assembly with K&N filters.

Interior clearanced for 6-speed transmission
Structure replacement and custom seat mock-up.

The Richmond Gear 6-speed transmission is considerably larger than the original transmissions supplied with these cars and required extensive modification to the tunnel inside the car. Since the original tunnel had already been hacked up by the person who installed the Falcon set-up, we cleaned it up and make clearance for the 6-speed and strengthened the area with a 1/8x3 inch metal flange welded along both sides of the hole. We fabricated the new tunnel from 16-gauge steel sheet and then bolted it in around the perimeter to help regain tunnel rigidity. We also made a custom transmission mount to install under the car to restore the integrity of the floor crossmember.

Custom-made tunnel.
Finished interior.

Because of the larger tunnel dimensions, the original seats would no longer fit in the car so we fabricated a new seat form in the shop to fit the space. We had our upholstery man cover the seats and bind new carpets for the tunnel. To improve safety, we installed seat belts from an XJ-6. We also installed an aluminum radiator with an expansion tank and electric fan to give the car the maximum cooling capacity.

Custom-made intake with K&N filters