1958 XK 150 Mechanical Restoration

This drove into our shop after more than 45 years

This customer wanted a complete rebuild of the running gear and solid underbody and frame of his XK 150. He wanted to do the exterior and interior himself. So we drove the car into the shop for a complete lookover. Although the car was complete, it was rough and had several runability and driveablity issues. The frame was rolled in several places and several of the body mounts and underpanels were in need of repair or replacement so we took the body off the chassis and then set it on a rolling cart for repair. The chassis was completely stripped and the rusted areas were repaired. Then we sent the chassis off to the powder coat shop to be painted gloss black.

Look ma, no hands!
Extensive, but typical, rust damage

The rust repair under the body was quite extensive. Many mounts, edges and mounting holes had to be repaired or replaced. Once the rust repair was complete, we sprayed the underside of the body with rubberized undercoating. All of the suspension and frame hardware was rebuilt and restored to working order and reinstalled on the frame. Then the body was reattached to the chassis and the mechanical restoration could begin.

Undercoated after rust repair
Powdercoated frame, durable enough to withstand the elements

One of the biggest drivability issues was improved with the adaption of a modern 5-speed full-synchro gearbox. We painted the engine bay the proper red color that the customer had picked out and all the components were rebuilt or restored and re-assembled into the engine bay. The aluminum radiator, while not quite a bolt-in, was a great improvement on the original. We drove the car out of the shop and set it on a truck for delivery.

Modern full-sychro 5-speed