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Walt Osborn painting by Dale Kilborn

Walt has Jaguar experience dating back to 1961 when he bought his first XK 140 DHC in Honolulu, Hawaii while he was a sailor on a submarine out of Pearl Harbor. He has dealt with most problems over the years that can come up on these wonderful old cars and he knows a little bit about the modern cars.

He charges $1.50 per minute with a $15.00 minimum to cover his time to help you with your problem. There is no charge if he cannot help you.

If he answers your question while you are on the phone, the charge will be approximately the time that you are on the phone. If he has to do some research and get back to you, he will also have to charge you for the time to do the research.

You can e-mail your queries but if there is no payment information offered, there may be no answer offered. The charge for e-mail replies will be the approximate time spent answering and/or researching the problem. Walt writes his answers out long-hand (he is a two-fingered typist so he can write faster than he can type) and then Arlene types his replies. You are only charged for Walt's time.

Questions concerning parts or services purchased from us are free (except for automatic transmission repair parts) and Walt will spend as much time as necessary to help you through your problem.

You may also want to check out our articles and drawings to see if Walt has already written an article that addresses your question.

Use one of the following methods to contact Walt:
Phone: (208) 684-4767
Fax: (208) 684-3386

Acceptable payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Check and Cash.