C-Type Body Panels

Our body panels are built of hand-laid glass fiber from our own molds. The body has the same dimensions as the original. It weighs slightly more and is much stronger than an original body. Once the wheels and tires are installed on the chassis, the body is ready to be fitted. The body is fit with an eye to how the wheels fit the wheel openings. The body panels are trimmed and adusted until they conform to the 8-foot wheel base and the overall lines of the car. C-Type body panels side view
C-Type body panels from front A body panel set consists of a body section, bonnet with four aluminum louvre sections riveted in and hinges and latches attached, one right-hand door with pre-hung hinges and latch, spare tire door with hinge and latches, and two seat shells. Also included is a full-width windscreen, LeMans fuel cap and front grill.